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A fun, challenging fusion of dance, cardio, conditioning & flexibility
The class is made up of 4 main elements:
Barre BASIC – based on simple ballet moves
Barre BODY – conditioning exercises
Barre BURN – high intensity cardio moves
Barre BEND – stretches to improve flexibility.
We recommend using a chair for balance/support. It can be done without but is quite demanding on balance. You can also use a wall if you have enough space to kick your leg out.
This class will improve your overall everyday functionality and will help with weight-loss, fitness, core-strength, mobility, muscle tone & flexibility.
You don’t have to be a dancer or have any kind of dance background to be able to do this class. It’s easy to follow and easy to adapt, making it suitable for all ages, levels & abilities.
Bare feet or socks are ok for this class, depending on your floor’s surface. Please do not do the class in socks on hard floors to avoid slipping.
No Judgement, No Pressure, just go at your own pace & HAVE FUN!.
This class is available as a live class via the class timetable or we have a Barre Fitness class accessible anytime, anywhere, as part of the BV: On-Demand Library..
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(Booking is strongly advised)
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