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These inclusive classes are for everyone, of all levels & abilities.
Our classes are open to anyone aged 11+ (13+ for Clubbercise, Beatz & Jungle Body)
(All under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult and require a parent/guardian’s signature on the health/consent form)

Booking is optional but strongly recommended as many of our classes get booked up quite quickly. You can book classes online, via our mobile app, via email, Facebook message, by phone – 01159063246 or at a class.
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Overview of all our classes:
Beatz Logo
It’s a great fun, feel-good dance fitness workout with simple, easy to follow. routines, choreographed to a variety of music genres including RnB, Dance, Garage, House, Pop and more (there’s even a few Disco remixes).
FIND OUT MORE about this AWESOME fun dance-fitness workout!

Clubbercise Logo
Turn your workout into a night but without the next-day hangover – It’s “Clean Healthy Clubbing”. You can burn over 500 calories, improve fitness & tone up whilst dancing in the dark with your glow sticks to 90s club anthems and the latest chart hits.
You’ll be glowing more than your glow sticks by the end of the class!

FIND OUT MORE about this AMAAZING rave workout!

FitSteps Logo
It’s the ULTIMATE Ballroom/Latin workout that gives you a
fantastic whole-body workout.
It’s a fun combination of graceful routines such as the Rumba, Paso Doble & American Smooth mixed in with upbeat energetic routines such as the Samba, Jive & Quickstep.
FIND OUT MORE about this SUPER FUN Ballroom/Latin workout!

Jungle Body Logo
Fun, simple FIERCE workouts that will guarantee you amazing results.
KONGA is a fun fusion of Combat, Cardio & Dance
JAGUA is a body-sculpting, balance & stretch workout
BURN! is a Dumbbell fused with dance-inspired movements.
VYPA is a hardcore, HIIT workout inspired by Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Plyometrics, Hip-Hop & Sport-Specific Training.
FIND OUT MORE about these fun FIERCE workouts!

Pound Logo
The Ultimate ROCK-OUT workout to your fave pop/rock anthems whilst pounding your Ripstix (lightly-weighted drumsticks).
It incorporates Pilates-inspired moves & core conditioning into one amazing workout that will relieve stress and improve your fitness, flexibility, weight-loss & more!
FIND OUT MORE about this fun, stress-bustin’ ROCK-OUT workout!

Zumba Logo
Zumba is a high-energy, super-fun, Latin-inspired dance fitness workout.
It’s a great cardio workout for the whole body with mix of sizzlin’ hot rhythms from around the world. It’s easy to follow so don’t worry if you have two left feet.
As long as you’re moving and having fun, that’s all that matters.

FIND OUT MORE about this fun, high-energy, Latin-inspired class.!

Zumba Gold Logo
This is a unique gentle-paced, low-impact version of Zumba that’s particularly suitable for older adults, beginners & those with injuries/physical limitations. It’s also great if you’ve not exercised for a while or recovering from an injury.
As well as being a good wiggle & giggle and a great way to meet new people, it gives you tons of health benefits too.
FIND OUT MORE about this fun, high-energy, Latin-inspired class.!


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