An AMAZING non-impact, functional, flexibility & core Workout
A great way to de-stress whilst improving strength, balance & flexibility
Fitness Pilates is a gentle, but challenging, non-impact, mat-based class that takes a more functional, rather than remedial, approach to Pilates.
It applies the basic techniques/moves of traditional Pilates but with more emphasis on functional movement.
It’s easy to adapt, with alternative moves available, and simple to follow, making it suitable for all ages, levels & abilities.
It improves muscle tone, core-strength/stability, mobility & flexibility, with an emphasis on your back & core muscles, that will enhance your posture, strength & balance.
This will improve your everyday functionality, as well as helping you to manage stress and reduce the risk of injury.
Bare feet or socks are ok for this class, depending on your floor’s surface. Please do not do the class in socks on hard floors to avoid slipping.
*This class often includes additional equipment to enhance your workout, such as hand-weights, activation bands & mini balls. These are all optional and can be done with or without.
No Judgement, No Pressure, just go at your own pace, unwind your mind & body & HAVE FUN!.
This class is available as a live class via the class timetable or we have a variety of online Fitness Pilates classes, accessible anytime, anywhere, as part of the BV: On-Demand Library..
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