FitSteps & FitSteps TONE
(created by ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ professionals – Ian Waite & Natalie Lowe)
Dance to a variety of music styles & rhythms with a fantastic combo of graceful ballroom & sassy Latin routines, with different levels to choose from, enabling you to take it at your own pace.
Everything from the energetic Jive, Quickstep, Cha Cha & Salsa to the more gentle Rumba, Waltz & Argentine Tango.
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Two left feet? Not a problem!
No dance experience required & you don’t need a partner for this great fun Ballroom/Latin class.
It’s easy to follow & easily adaptable, to suit all ages, levels & abilities.
This class will give you AMAZING whole-body results, improving your fitness, muscle tone, posture, mobility, core strength & balance.
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(Booking is strongly advised)

As long as your arms and legs are moving in some direction, and you’re having fun, That’s all that matters!
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FitSteps TONE
A low-impact, more gentle-paced FitSteps class
(with additional toning routines)
Just as much fun but no fast movements, jumping or fast turns/twists. This class is open to everyone but is most suitable for beginners, older adults, anyone with an injury and those physical limitations
Optional extra: FitSteps Toning Band
(you can borrow a band, free of charge, if it’s your first time trying this class. After that, you can either bring your own resistance band or purchase an official FitSteps Toning Band. (available to buy at class or in our online shop)
view timetable
(Booking is strongly advised)

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