Is it your first time with us?
Then you will need to fill in and sign a short health & consent form before you can participate in your first class with us.

You can either fill in this form when you arrive at your first class with us or to save yourself some, you can download it, print it off and fill in to bring with you. This is just a formality to protect you, our instructors and the company. You will only be required to fill this in again if any circumstances significantly change with your medical history.

Make sure you answer honestly & as accurately possible. Any information you give will not prevent you from participating in the class (except in very exceptional circumstances where we feel it would be unsafe for you to participate). The decision to participate is ultimately your decision & your responsibility. It helps to ensure your safety, as well as highlighting to us any medical information that we may need to be aware of.

Download the PDF Health & Consent Form

Please note: Anyone under the age of 16 MUST have their form signed by a parent/guardian and must be accompanied by an adult at all classes, except when specifically stated otherwise.
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