Zumba Gold


“Please let me recommend Zumba Gold… I have never regretted going. Truly, I absolutely love it. Everyone is friendly and we have so much fun dancing and singing… we forget we’re working out …I feel great and enjoy every minute… Sally’s a great instructor & encourages us to go at our own pace. Quick or slow is up to us so long as we’re having fun.” – Madeleine Frogson

It’s a fun, gentle-paced, low-impact, Latin-inspired dance fitness class
Suitable for all ages, levels & abilities and is perfect for older adults, beginners & those with physical limitations.
It’s also a great class if you’ve not exercised in a while and want to build up gently.

You’ll be taken on a dance journey around the world in just 45 minutes with a fun mix of
Latin & international rhythms and easy-to-follow routines
including Salsa, Bollywood, Caribbean, Flamenco, Cha-Cha plus a bit of Jive, Swing & Rock n Roll.

And as long as your arms and legs are moving in some direction, and you’re having fun,
That’s all that matters!

Here are just some of the great benefits:
– Weight-loss
– Improved muscle tone/strength
– Improved mobility, balance, co-ordination & memory
– Better posture
– More confidence
– A great place to have a giggle and make new friends

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